Protecting patient data is at the heart of everything we do

With robust security measures, data security policies, employee training, and stringent background checks, we deploy the best practices to prioritize safe handling of your patient health data.

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Compliance is key.

We take data security seriously. We are GDPR and HIPAA-compliant, as well as ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

Our data security practices

Data Encryption

Stored data, data in transit within laptops and desktops, and emails containing PHI/PII are all encrypted. Our employees access sensitive information only via an encrypted connection.

Network Segmentation

Segregated internet access for sensitive data tasks and unrelated activities, each with dedicated networks and computers, to keep data safe.

Password Policy

Mandatory complex password required for employees' login IDs and periodic changes to passwords are required.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Resilient recovery plans backed by an efficient Security Risk Assessment (RSA) to deal with disasters and security incidents, should they occur.

Virus and Malware Protection

Sophisticated high-security firewalls restrict the movement of information to keep data safe. Anti-virus technology is employed to protect the end points.

E-mail Security

Strict control over information outflow, with policies allowing emails to be sent only to whitelisted addresses or customer domains.

Continuous Threat Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of each network perimeter for unauthorized access. Ready to implement Incident Response procedures in the event of any threats.

PHI-secured Zone

Separate PHI/PII Zone on our production floor to prohibit video recordings and mobile phones.

Restricted Zone Access

Controlled Access to PHI Zone based on the task requirement with added restriction via employee access cards.

Desktop Surveillance

Employee desktops in the PHI/PII Zone are monitored and video recorded for enhanced security.

Security Guard Vigilance

Real time monitoring and control of PHI Zone with 24/7 security guards, all year round. Guards have a mandates to record unauthorized access incidents to the compliance officer for appropriate action.

On-site Requirement

No work-from-home provision to employees with access to PHI/PII unless directed by the client to avoid the risk of accidental data breaches.

Monitor HIPAA Violations

On-site HIPAA compliance officer, sanctions for HIPAA or company policy violations, regular HIPAA compliance audits, and corrective plans for violations

HIPAA Training

Employees trained on HIPAA compliance, privacy and security upon hire. We also conduct job-specific HIPAA training programs and regular security awareness trainings.

Compliance Posters

Posters displayed on HIPAA compliance, privacy and security at all locations to consistently reinforce awareness of compliance.

Security Awareness Training

Regular and thorough training sessions held to prevent unauthorized software downloads, recognize phishing and ransomware threats, and avoid human errors such as mishandling and misdelivery of PHI.

Background Checks

Thorough background verifications for all new employees, privacy and confidentiality training. Employees are also required to sign a mandatory confidentiality agreement.

Work-based Access Privileges

Restricted access privileges for new employees depending on their work profile.

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