Benefits of Outsourcing Clinical Compliance Support Direct to India

Outsourcing clinical compliance support to India is not a new

concept in the American business market. Recent market reports highlight that India already has a substantial market share, with over 44% of the outsourcing business in the world currently located in India, including healthcare outsourcing. With the increasing complications of home healthcare clinical compliance regulations and severe staff shortages, India is becoming a trustworthy partner for clinical compliance support.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing clinical compliance support directly to India:

– Significant Cost Savings

At some point in time, most healthcare organizations find themselves in a position that requires an investment in a comprehensive team of clinical compliance specialists. With that team comes the requirement to further invest in training, upgrading technology, and staff management and retention. Outsourcing clinical compliance reviews directly to India enables healthcare organizations to process error-free claims, increase the percentage of charts reviewed, and reduce audit risk, all without requiring a significant cost investment.

– No Language Barrier

Many people may have concerns about a language barrier when working with companies in India. However, competency in the English language is essential in India when working with companies that have clients overseas, including those that deal with back-end clinical support services such as compliance, coding, and RCM. This English language requirement eliminates the communication gap when working with outsourced clinical compliance support companies.

– Rapid Turnaround Time

The turnaround time of Indian outsourcing teams is highly favorable to US companies. Due to the time difference, Indian clinical compliance teams work during the night in the US. With an average turnaround time of 12 to 14 hours, this means the charts are available for healthcare teams the next day when they come into the office. This helps healthcare companies to file their claims and ensure documentation compliance without delay.

– High Standards of Compliance

Qualified and experienced clinical back-office support companies in India are both HIPPA and GDPR compliant, as well as SOC2 Type 2 certified. These certifications help healthcare organizations evaluate the competence and security protocols of clinical back-end support companies and feel confident that their patient data is protected.

– India is a Proven and Established Outsourcing Hub

India’s offshore healthcare professionals have gained experience in this field for more than a decade, making it easier to understand both the concerns and benefits of outsourcing. This ensures that healthcare organizations get the benefits of outsourcing at an affordable rate.

– India is Home to a Large Workforce

Outsourcing clinical support services to India is increasing in popularity because the country is home to many experienced RNs and ICD-10 coders who are well-versed with international laws and will dedicate their time and efforts to keeping your documents organized and in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. This large workforce enables outsourcers to recruit qualified RNs and ICD- 10 coders more quickly and easily than in the US, where there is currently a nursing shortage.

– Stable Government conditions India has consistently maintained stable governments and favorable offshore working policies, making it easier for American companies to sustain long-lasting partnerships.