From 1 to 2: Our Red Road Journey

Two numbers that seem to be close enough to one another but, in reality, the gap could not be wider.

1.0 is the way outsourcing used to be, and is still the reality for healthcare organizations that haven’t shifted their outsourcing practices in line with the ever globalized economy of healthcare. This number stands for unnecessarily expensive, inefficient, cumbersome, unreliable, and ineffective outsourcing when it comes to your medical billing & coding management. This is the old way.

2.0 is more than just a new version of outsourcing. It stands for an idea. An idea that brings into question why an outsourced team can’t be as efficient as a dedicated in-house team, and why organizations need to settle for a ‘solution’ that seems to cause more problems than it solves and cost in both money and time than it otherwise should. In practice, Outsourcing 2.0 doesn’t just answer these questions, it sets new standards for what an outsourcing solution ought to be. It delivers on the Power of More, in producing outstanding efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and all the perks of having an in-house team minus the costs. It delivers the known benefits of outsourcing while mitigating the known drawbacks.

The gap between these two eras of outsourcing is nothing less than a quantum leap. It requires rewriting the rules, rooting out the inefficiencies, and working with the best in the business to change the old and herald the new. It’s more than a switch or an upgrade, but a journey.

To be more specific, our journey.

Red Road is a medical coding and billing management service, that has perfected the art, the process, and the science of outsourcing. We have meticulously refined our offerings to a level far superior to the market standard, redefining what outsourcing looks like for the healthcare organizations that work with us.

We’ve made the long, winding journey from 1 to 2. And this is how we did it.

It all started in 2018.

Red Road was started with a vision to provide medical coding & billing management services that are responsive, efficient, and reliable – and at a fraction of the typical cost. But it was also so much more. We aspired to create a solution that feels like an integrated, extended team and not an externally outsourced solution. Our teams have decades of experience in the healthcare service delivery worked as healthcare providers on the ground and in the field. They have leveraged that experience and worked tirelessly to formulate, refine, and perfect our range of offerings so that they support the backend operations of, home care and other ‘out-of-hospital’ care providers.

We are a high-quality service provider that’s driven by the interests of our clients, enabling them to focus on what they do best – saving lives. That required us to take the journey from 1 to 2, and the satisfaction of our clients makes it all worth it.

The Power of More

How much efficiency is too much efficiency? No matter how much of it already exists, a little ‘more’ can make a powerful difference.

We’ve harnessed that power and don’t offer it to our clients as a bonus, but as a promise.

Our Outsourcing 2.0 offerings promise more efficiency, more reliability, more expertise, and more results than any other offerings of their kind. We achieve this through less barriers to communication, lower turnaround times, higher accuracy rates, and a much lower cost to client. In eliminating all the typical barriers to interaction with your backend team, we have made healthcare organizations more efficient and transformed the way they work.

This makes us so much more than an external team, but rather a high-performing extended team for our clients.

A Team of Believers

Our mission to build Outsourcing 2.0 required more than a team of employees. We sought out the most dedicated, skilled, qualified, and future-minded specialists to build the future of outsourcing we wished to create. It required individuals with the bravery and expertise to push the boundaries of outsourcing to transform it in such a meaningful way.

It is these experts who envisioned our offerings, and brought them to life through a relentless, rigorous process of refinement – even when it meant going back to the drawing board at times. We opened for business only once our team was satisfied that our offerings could live up to our promise.

These are the very same individuals who continue to work with us, and handle the backend clinical management operations for all our clients. Their expertise and our approach as significantly improved our clients’ healthcare processes, compliance, and reimbursements, and that transformation forms new milestones in our journey.

Red Road is a working environment that challenges our team in meaningful ways, enabling them to achieve greatness and make a real difference to the industry. It’s no wonder that they absolutely love working here, which reflects in our excellent service as well.

Our clients have lots to say

We provide our services to a number of leading healthcare providers and home care providers, and the list constantly grows. Outsourcing 2.0 is a meaningful, sensible, and much needed transformation to the world of outsourcing – and if you’d like to take your organization into the future, we’d love to take the journey from 1 to 2 with you.

“Our Medicare Case Management department at BAYADA Home Health Care has had the pleasure of working with Red Road for over 2 years now. They have continued to demonstrate high quality, quick turnaround times, and effective communication with our team. They have worked very closely with us over the past 6 months increasing volumes month over month to meet the needs of our department through these challenging times. Red Road’s ability to be flexible and resilient through COVID has only helped to solidify the working relationship that we have. As Red Road continues to grow, their team strives to maintain high-quality services ensuring that our satisfaction is a top priority. I know I can always count on them when I need them.”


Director, Medicare Case Management – BAYADA Home Health Care