What is it Like to Revolutionize an Industry Every Day?

Red Road is an organization with a mission – to revolutionize the outsourcing of medical coding and deliver an unmatched level of efficiency and results to our clients. We believe in delivering services that are not just marginally better than the rest of the industry – we seek change the very expectations of the clients who look to our industry for support.

Our team of industry specialists turns this vision into action by bringing their expertise and commitment to the table every single day. Case in point, our medical coding team delivers industry-leading medical coding, best measured by our exceptional accuracy rates, minimal turnaround time, and customer support that reminds our clients that we’re always with them, at every step of the way. We think of finding simple solutions to not just solve complex problems, but exponentially increase beneficial results, so that our clients don’t have to.

With a mission that is focused on changing an industry-wide standard comes the need for a team that inherently aspires to push the limits. That is why a medical coder at Red Road needs to do more than just click a few technical boxes. They need to bring a passion for healthcare and a work ethic that gets us closer to our mission every day. Our mission requires us to recruit our coders in a way that is driven by this mission, seeking out those rare individuals who possess a unique blend of both technical expertise and our corporate values.

We don’t just believe in recruiting star coders, but in helping them improve every day. We have regular conversations with our medical coders to understand what skills they have learned in the organization, and how we can facilitate them achieving their goals and potential. ‘Communication’, ‘teamwork’, ‘problem-solving’, and ‘technical expertise’ are just some of many skills that our medical coders are proud to have mastered at Red Road, all to the benefit of all our clients.

At Red Road, we’re constantly pushing and redefining industry standards of excellence with our Outsourcing 2.0 efforts. We know that when our medical coding team is happy, it shows in the form of exponentially better results for our clients. That’s why we pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy work environment with a positive office culture, where talent is recognized and everyone can feel comfortable and welcomed – with an equal opportunity to shine. Our medical coding team has the confidence to give it their all, with high job security and leadership that encourages innovative thinking. We also reward ingenuity, with incentives, bonuses, quarterly & annual awards, and well-deserved promotions.

When our employees grow, our clients see the results in the work that we do for them and we get closer to fulfilling our mission. It is truly that simple. Our clients speak volumes about our unmatched accountability, transparency, reliability, and technical expertise – we owe this to the medical coding team that makes use of the opportunities they have in working with Red Road.

While many companies often view employees merely as resources, we treat them as stakeholders who have just as much of an investment in our future as our senior management does. We also acknowledge that everyone who works with Red Road is a person with a life outside of the office that is just as important as their work. Our work-life balance policies ensure that our coding team gets ample time to recharge and spend time with their loved ones, thereby keeping them invested in the company’s future.

In fact, we have noticed an incredible phenomenon in the office as a result of our investment in employee well-being. If you were to ask any member of the Red Road coding team at random what their goals are for our future, one would consistently hear the same response. It’s a response that’s a testament to the belief our teams have in our mission, and it both humbles us and drives us to succeed at fulfilling all our aspirations and delivering world-class service. For them. For us. For you.

As for that response itself?

“To make Red Road one of the top 3 medical coding agencies in the world.”